Tradition: Adderbury

Set: 6 dancers

Props: Sticks

Stepping: Double (but a bit more syncopated due to music)

Figures: Standard Adderbury, each followed by a chorus


Overall pattern:

  • 1st Corners (2nd, 3rd): Butt, tip, (clash, shoot, ducks)
  • ALL: Butt, tip, clash (with partner)


  • In the first part of the chorus, each pair of corners performs the action in sequence.
    • 1st corners (1 and 6) go first, then 2nd corners (2 and 5), then 3rd corners (3 and 4).
  • The action consists of advancing (by walking, not dancing) and striking the ground with the Butt of your stick, then the Tip of your stick, then doing a variable element.
    • In the first and fourth chorus, the variable element will be a Clash.
    • In the second and fifth chorus, the variable element will be Shoot (use stick to mime shooting your corner with a rifle).
    • In the third and sixth chorus, the variable element will be Ducks (use stick to mime shooting a duck in the sky with a rifle).
  • In the second part of the chorus, all do butt, tip, clash (always clash) with partner.


  • On Shoot and Ducks, it’s typical to stop with one foot to simulate the noise of a gun (if dancing on a surface that will make noise).
  • FINISH: All Shoot the musician(s) in place of final clash.

Four Person Variant

A four person variant of this dance is possible.

In this case, the alternate figures are used:

  • Foot Up & Up
  • Half Gyp
  • Star Right
  • Star Left
  • Hands Round
  • Figure of Eight

A description of these figures is found here.

The chorus may be done this way:

  • 1st Corners (1 and 4): Butt, tip (clash, shoot, ducks)
  • 2nd Corners (2 and 3): Butt, tip (clash, shoot, ducks)
  • Vertical dancers (1 and 3, 2 and 4): Butt, tip (clash, shoot, ducks)
  • Horizontal dancers (1 and 2, 3 and 4): Butt, tip (clash, shoot, ducks)
  • REPEAT (except the final move of the horizontal dancers is always clash)

After the final sticking, a Half Round finishing with shooting the musicians may be done.